Open International 2020

Registration for open international TAB 2020 are closed ( maximum place are reached )

Please, read well the Rules and inscriptions conditions and Stay informed on our facebook page :

You need to register online and buy the licence the day of the check in : For person which don't have licence, click on "je ne suis pas licencié" and after at the bottom of the form clik "licence decouverte". If the system ask you licence number, just put 000 in the licence number case.
To register with IFSC Licence : send us a mail with name, surname, date of birth and ifsc licence number :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (register online don't work with IFSC licence)

Be carefull : Place are limited - No inscriptions the event day. 

Important info 2020:
Following the health crisis of covid19, the FFME and the TAB decided that all the competitions will be promotional, there will be no official competition and therefore no point for the national ranking.

The only difference in 2020 between the open "promotional loisirs senior" and the "international senior" open is the following: International open gives access to the finals (no finals for open loisirs) and the boulders selection for international open is different than for open loisirs seniors (harder block). So to try the final you have to register in international open, to have more accessible boulders in the easy level you have to register in this loisirs competition. The climbing times are in all cases identical for competitions.