Registration Tout à blocs 2024

If you have an IFSC or FFME license, you should not register here !!!   English (UK) Version française cliquez ici
The options appear as you fill them. Payment by paypal or Credit card.

All the information on the registration conditions on the page of each competition and the registration page.
For question :
To participate, you must have a license. Please take a FFME day license if you don't have one. CAF and non-french licenses are not accepted.
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A medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of climbing in competition is mandatory for day and leisure licenses. Please do not send a certificate older than 3 years or an invalid document, your registration will be refused. Accepted formats: jpg, pdf, png, max size 3MB

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You will be redirected to a payment link secured by credit card. If there is a payment problem but your name is on the list, there is no need to re-register, an administrator will contact you to finalize the registration.