Program of TAB 2021 will be publish early June. Program is not the final version and may change, please stay informed regluary.

Monday 25
July 2022
L'Argentière la Bessée - Place du Quartz

Check In Micro TAB 2022
16h - 18h30    Check-in Micro TAB 2022 (no inscriptions)
18h45              Briefing and Publishing starting list and climbing time

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Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27
July 2022
L'Argentière la Bessée - Place du Quartz

Micro TAB 2022
Tuesday 26 July 2022
7h30 - 20h00    Micro TAB 2022 day 1 ( category U12, U14, U16 and U18 women  )
20h30                 Podiums U12 and U14 
20h45                 Dyno contest special for young category

Wednesday 27 July 2022
8h30 - 15h00    Micro TAB 2022 day 2 ( category U16 and U18 Men )

Check In TAB international and open loisirs
15h30 - 18h     Check-in Open international, loisirs U20/senior/veteran
18h45               Publishing starting list and climbing time.

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Thursday 28
July 2022
L'Argentière la Bessée - Place du Quartz

Open international and open loisirs U20/Senior/Vétéran  
8h - 20h00     Open international, U20/senior/vétérans loisirs qualification
20h30 :            Podium veterans 
20h45 :            Dyno contest

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Friday 29
July 2022

Meeting on Ailefroide
9h - 17h       Meeting on natural rocks in Ailefroide (Initiation, potting advice, etc...)
18h - 20h    Aperitif, concert, tombola
21h00         Film Diffusion

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Saturday 30
July 2022
L'Argentière la Bessée - Place du Quartz

Contest initiation for Young Category (new)
10h00 - 13h00         Free Climbing Contest for Young People

Finals Open international TAB 2022
16h - 18h         Finals category U16 H&F
18h30 - 20h    Finals category U18 H&F
20h30              Podiums U16 and U18 H&F
21h - 22h30     Finals Open international H&F
22h40              Podiums Open International H&F
22h45 - 0h      Concert