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Registration for TAB 2021 are open.
You will find the inscription link on each competition page. If you have problem to register online you can register directly from us, send us a mail please :

Please note : For practical reasons (printing bibs, start lists etc.), registration for the 2021 edition will ONLY be possible ONLINE and registration will close 5 days before the start of each competition.  You will NOT be able to register at the venue for the International Open, the Micro Tab or the veteran/senior loisirs Open. Inscriptions are limited in place.

Thanks to read all the infos concerning your competition before to register. 

Registration for Ailefroide meeting will be at Ailefroide, the day of teh event. Here the Ailefroide meeting page.

To participate to 2021 compétion you have 2 options :

- Have an Licence IFSC

Buy a french day licence (6€) during the check-in and have a medical certificate stating the climber is able to climb in compétition.

To participate to the International Open which is an official FFME event, you need the IFSC licence.

The TAB Competitions
The compétitions "loisirs" offers the same climbing time that open international. They permit to non IFSC licencied people to participate (buying a french day licnce) and offers more easy boulders selection to climb

Catégories : U12,U14,U16,U18
Finals : yes - U16 and U18 ( 6 persons)
Podiums : Yes - All catégories

Climb time : 3h to 4h
Boulers : 30 
Level : 5+ to 8a 

Competition promotionnal
Licence : IFSC or french day licnce
Non licencied : Yes, need buy french day licence

TAB Loisirs Juniors / Seniors / Vétérans
Catégories : U20 / Seniors / Vétérans
Finals : No
Podiums : Yes only vétéran
Climb time : 2 x 2h30 (5h)
Boulers : 30 
Level : 5+ to 7c+

Competition promotional
Licence : IFSC or french day licence
Non licencied : Yes, need buy french day licence

TAB Loisirs page
TAB International
Catégories : Séniors , U18/U20 IFSC autorized
Finals : Yes - 6 men/women
Podiums : Yes

Climb time : 2 x 2h30 (5h)
Boulders : 30 
Level : 6a to 8a+

Competition FFME official
Licence : IFSC only
Non licencied : No, must do the "loisirs" comp

TAB International page

Difficulty of the compétitions

The Difficulty of the boulder is adapted for each category which mean everybody will have a selection of 30 boulders corresponding to his level.

Micro TAB
TAB Loisirs Juniors
TAB Loisirs Séniors
TAB Loisirs Vétérans
TAB International

French Day Licence

For Non French climbers : if you don't have a IFSC licence, you can participate in the "Loisirs event"  and MicroTAB.

You need to buy a french day licence (6€) during the check-in and have a medical certificate stating the climber is able to climb in compétition.

You need to register online before the competition.

Your country licence is not possible to use cause insurance problems.

Medical certificate

All persons who do not have IFSC licence and who buy French day licence absolutely need to have a medical certifcate "stating the climber is able to climb in compétition"

Infos Youth A

Info for youth A : Some people ask us if they can register for the open international and microTAB at the same time. The regulation authorizes cadets / cadets outclassed to participate in a senior competition. However, since the blocks of the microTAB and senior open international contests are open with similar captures and sometimes the same modified frames, we can only accept registrations in open senior loisirs that will not result in a final or prize money . This in order to avoid any problem for the climbers of the international TAB. If the person is aiming for the final of the international open then I suggest to register only

A Youth A can  do the international TAB and access the interntional final (no microTAB in this case) or do the microTAB and TAB Seniros loisirs (no access to the international final but acess to microTAB Finals). Be carefull, only way to do a senior competition for youth a is to have ifsc licence, its not possible with a day licence.